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Day Training at Rover Oaks Katy

Our Day Train program offers the same training experience for your dog as in our Lodge and Train program, but with the comfort of having your pup home with you in the evenings! Please be able to commit to a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Each day your dog will work with one of our professional trainers and will be sent home with a progress report, which includes "homework" for owners to practice each evening to help successfully transfer their dog's training to them at home.

Training With Convenience

Day Training offers obedience training with a "going to school concept". In this program, you would drop off your dog in the morning and pick him/her up in the afternoon each day (Monday-Friday). The owner will receive an email progress report each day reviewing behaviors worked on that day. We offer 1-hour lessons with your trainer each week to review behaviors your pet has been learning.

> 2-week Day Train: $1,095 (includes 2 free private lessons).

> 3-week Day Train: $1,395 (includes 3 free private lessons).

> 4-week Day Train: $1,695 (includes 4 free private lessons).

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