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Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Dog Daycare

Rover Oaks Pet Resort offers one of the biggest indoor/outdoor doggie daycares in Katy and Greater Houston, all of it designed for canine fun and safety. We’ll keep your dog exercised, socialized, and entertained while you’re at work or out of town! In our 18 years of operation, we’ve had the opportunity to fine-tune our daycare experience into the safest (and most fun) possible!

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Small dogs playing on turf at Daycare

Small Dog Daycare

We have a special area designated just for our small dog group -- it has a big grassy yard with lots of engaging toys, an inside air-conditioned room with play toys and lounge beds, and they even have their own private splash pool, covered pavilion and turf area.  Dogs in our small dog pack enjoy socializing with their doggie friends, interacting with our daycare counselors, getting lots of exercise through chasing their friends and fetching toys; and  going for a splash in the pool followed by a few rounds of zoomies around the small dog daycare field. Small Dog Daycare is typically recommended for dogs weighing 5-35 pounds.

Large Dog Daycare at Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Large Dog Daycare

Our large dog daycare program is a high energy, interactive outdoor dog park with acres of grassy yards to stretch out and run, splash pools and misting sprinklers, awesome toys and a covered turf and pavilion area for relaxation. Dogs in our large dog pack engage in chase, wrestling, swimming and retrieving with their doggie friends and our counselors, providing them with a day full of mental and physical stimulation. Our goal is to send you home with a tired, happy pup! Large Dog Daycare is typically recommended for dogs weighing 35 pounds and up.

Group Play at Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Group Play

The Rover Oaks Group Play program is designed to provide a more structured experience for dogs who are lodging at Rover Oaks, as well as those who prefer a smaller group of dogs to play with, and includes more individualized attention, enrichment opportunities, and a more customized experience for each dog. Sessions are given in intervals throughout the day to allow the dogs to rest between playing with their friends.

Junior Daycare at Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Junior Daycare

The Rover Oaks Junior Daycare program focuses on our puppies 4 months to 12 months old. Puppies do not need to be spayed or neutered until they are 12 months old.  Females may not participate during their heat cycle.  By keeping them in a group setting of no more than 15 dogs, we control their environment to ensure they learn proper group play behaviors.  We also work on recall, sit, down, and stay, which helps the Junior Daycare members build a good relationship with our counselors, and it sets younger dogs up to enjoy Doggie Daycare for the rest of their lives.

Why Choose Rover Oaks for Doggie Daycare?

  • Unlike other Houston-area doggie daycares, our outdoor play spaces are HUGE.

  • Provides physical activity, exercise, and stimulation, especially important for young, high-energy dogs.

  • Builds confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful.

  • Can help curb many behavioral problems such as chewing, digging, and jumping.

  • Offers a safer, more controlled environment for socialization and play.

  • Requires dogs to pass a social evaluation that helps create a good “fit” with the other dogs.

  • Offers “small dog” and “big dog” playgroups to improve safety and quality of playtime.

  • Features continual supervision by our highly trained staff, at a ratio of 1 staff for every 12-15 dogs.

  • Our daycare can be paired with other services to make your pet’s day even more special. Pamper your dog by adding spa treatments or improve your pet’s manners by taking advantage of our positive dog training program.

  • Voted “Best Doggie Daycare Program” by Houston Press, Houston PetTalk, Houston A-List, Katy Sun, West University Examiner, and Bellaire Examiner

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