Doggie Daycare is a BLAST!

doggie-daycarePet owners driving past either of our two locations will see lots of friendly dogs playing together in one of our private dog parks. Our Doggie Daycare program offers social dogs the opportunity to “play with the pack” when they are lodging overnight, while their owners are working during the day, or just anytime for a great day of fun and exercise.

Why Choose Rover Oaks Daycare for Your Dog?

icon-playProvides physical activity, exercise and stimulation, especially important for young, high-energy dogs.

icon-confidenceBuilds confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful.

icon-nodogCan help curb many behavioral problems such as chewing, digging, and jumping.

icon-safetyOffers a safer, more controlled environment for socialization and play.

icon-certifiedRequires dogs to pass a social evaluation that helps create a good “fit” with the other dogs.

icon-small-dogOffers “small dog” and “big dog” play groups to improve safety and quality of playtime. We also offer Puppy Playschool for puppies aged 4 months – 1 year!

icon-daycareFeatures continual supervision by our highly trained staff, at a ratio of 1 staff for every 12 dogs.

icon-awardVoted “Best Doggie Daycare Program” by Houston Press, Houston PetTalk, Houston A-List, Katy Sun, West University Examiner and Bellaire Examiner

To Schedule Doggie Daycare

Call Rover Oaks today to schedule your pet’s social evaluation!

Contact Rover Oaks Houston at (713) 662-2119, option 5 /
Rover Oaks Katy at (281) 693-7687, option 5 /
Click here to submit an online reservation request.

Once your pet has passed their social evaluation and been approved for our doggie daycare program, you can schedule your pet to attend daycare on a regular basis, and they can also enjoy doggie daycare while they’re lodging with us.  You can be absolutely confident that your pet will have a great time without you!

Doggie Daycare Guidelines

Please click here to review the guidelines all pets (and parents!) need to know.


New! Group Play at Rover Oaks Houston

Rover Oaks Houston is pleased to announce fun new pilot program called Group Play! We have found that some dogs are very social but are not comfortable in such a large pack of dogs found in our Doggy Daycare Program. Group Play is for dogs of similar size and activity to play together in small groups. With GroupPlay, our lodging guests can have a great time playing with a supervised group of only 5-10 other dogs. Is Group Play right for your pet? Ask for a Group Play application today!

New! Puppy Play School at Rover Oaks Katy

For Puppies Aged 4 months to 1 year
Puppy Playschool is designed to teach good manners and prepare puppies for “graduation” into Rover Oaks’ Doggie Daycare Program! Puppies will learn proper socialization skills, appropriate group play, impulse control to curb jumping and demand barking, and foundations of basic obedience through “Sit”, “Down”, Recall, Walking on Leash and “Leave it”. Program includes daily puppy report card, supervision and training by CPDT Certified Dog Trainer and Doggie Daycare Counselors, 5 hour day full of learning and fun, availability Monday through Friday, and one free private lesson is included to help reinforce behaviors.

For more information or to schedule your puppy for Puppy Play School, contact our Training Team today for more information! (281) 693-7687 or


Guest Policies

Please click here to view our vaccination requirements and guest policies.