Puppy Training Information


Congratulations on your new puppy! Rover Oaks offers a variety of options for Puppy Training, including Group Puppy Class, Private Lessons, Lodge & Train Programs and Day Training Sessions.

At Rover Oaks Houston, we offer an ongoing puppy class that meets every Saturday at 9:30am! Your group class purchase includes 6 weeks of classes, and you can start at any time! Learn more about Rover Oaks Houston’s puppy class here.

A great place to start is submitting a Training Questionnaire, and our Professional Trainers will evaluate your needs, goals, and contact you to discuss different options and their recommended path of training. You can even schedule a free 30-minute evaluation where we can meet your dog in person.

To help you get started, we’ve created a FREE Puppy Guide below!


Rover Oaks’ Free Puppy Guide

The information below is designed to provide free and easy-access information to get you started on the right track with your puppy.  Every dog has the potential to be a great dog, and it all starts with early learning.  It’s never too soon to start teaching your puppy.  In fact, you can start today.


Picture2Puppy Biting

Almost all young puppies bite. They’re learning how to interact with humans and other dogs with their mouths through play. That’s normal, but it’s up to us to gently show them that human skin is fragile. Biting is not an appropriate way to play with humans. View the full Biting Guide here.

stopshoechewPuppy Chewing

Puppies will chew on just about anything. It is a natural part of their development. Chewing will become more intense and possibly destructive as they begin teething. (Puppy teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth). View the full Chewing Guide here.

potty-training-small-dogsPotty Training

Potty training is not complicated, but it does require effort and patience. Set your puppy up to never make a mistake, and teach your puppy that outside is the preferred place to “go”. Read about HOW to do this in the potty training guide below. View the full Potty Training Guide here.

Call our Training Department for a great experience with your best friend!
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or click on the following link to complete and submit your pet’s Training Questionnaire.