Private Dog Training Lessons

private-dog-trainingPrivate Lessons are an excellent option for pet owners with busy schedules or for specific problem behaviors.  

You can work with our trainers at either Rover Oaks location, or we can come to your home. Our goal is to help you improve your relationship with your dog while teaching you how to manage your pet’s behavior better. Our methods are always rewards-based and dog-friendly.

Each visit is scheduled for your convenience and designed around your pet’s individual needs.  Our trainers will provide clear instruction, demonstrate specific techniques, and coach you through the process of executing new training skills properly.  We also welcome follow-up questions by phone or e-mail, and they are free of charge.  While problem behaviors may take multiple visits, our expert trainers can often get you and your dog on track with just one session.

To help us understand how we can best help you and your dog, please click on the following link and take a moment to fill out our Training Questionnaire.  Or call us to schedule a convenient time to work with one of our trainers.

Call our Training Department for a great experience with your best friend!
Call Rover Oaks Houston at (713) 662-2119, option 4 /
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or click on the following link to complete and submit your pet’s Training Questionnaire.