Why Choose Rover Oaks?

As pet owners ourselves, we know that choosing the right pet care provider or facility for your pet is an important decision. Here are some important factors to consider when finding a safe and happy place that is perfect for your pet.

trustLevel of Trust

Trust is the reason that Rover Oaks is the most recommended pet resort in Houston and Katy since 2001. We have been referred to other pet owners by our clients over 18,000 times and referred by leading local veterinarians over 2,000 times.

satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

In a 2015 survey, 98% of clients said they would refer us to their friends and family members.


Let’s face it, from time to time, an individual you may entrust to take care of your pet could get sick, have a family situation arise, have transportation issues due to serious weather, or simply forget. However, because Rover Oaks is a full scale pet care facility with a large professional staff, we always have trained staff on board to continually monitor and care for our pet guests.


Rover Oaks has been providing superior care for Houston and Katy area pets for 16 years, and our owners are actively involved and on site each day. Each location also has 6 to 8 experienced managers responsible for the well being of each pet, and our staff has been trained in the most updated pet care procedures.

securitySecurity & Safety Protocols

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is enjoying an impeccably clean, caring and secure home-away-from-home. We continuously invest in proper training, equipment and protocols to keep our facility super clean and your pet safe. This includes secure fencing, fire detection, high volume ventilation, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants, peer reviews and audits, basic first aid training, and strict vaccination requirements.

healthWellness Philosophy

Industry experience has shown that pets that enjoy daily playtime and physical activity are more adjusted, less stressed, healthier and happier. So our core philosophy focuses on lots of exercise and playtime; and you get to choose the type of activity and the right amount that’s best for your pet…. from gentle stretch breaks and belly rubs to high level activity packages. It’s just not one-size-fits-all!

facilitiesExceptional Facilities

Only a few blocks from major interstate highways, both Rover Oaks locations are situated on large campuses with lots of outside room for exercise and playtime. Indoors, your pet can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and pampering including plush bedding, private rooms, television, and soothing music.