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Why Choose Rover Oaks

1. Customer Satisfaction

  • Over 500 Five-Star Reviews.
  • Over 20,000 Clients have chosen Rover Oaks because their friend recommended us.
  • Over 50 "Best Of" and Service Awards.
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2. Decades of Experience

Rover Oaks has been providing superior care for Houston and Katy area pets for 17 years, and our leadership team are actively involved and on site each day. Since 2001, we've cared for over 100,000 pets and served over 50,000 pet parents.

3. Reliability

Let’s face it, from time to time, an individual you may entrust to take care of your pet could get sick, have a family situation arise, have transportation issues due to serious weather, or simply forget. However, because Rover Oaks is a full scale pet care facility with a large professional staff, we always have trained staff on board to continually monitor and care for our pet guests.

4. Security & Safety Protocols

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is enjoying an impeccably clean, caring and secure home-away-from-home. We continuously invest in proper training, equipment and protocols to keep our facility super clean and your pet safe. This includes secure fencing, fire detection, high volume ventilation, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants, peer reviews and audits, basic first aid training, and strict vaccination requirements.

5. Wellness Philosophy

Industry experience has shown that pets that enjoy daily playtime and physical activity are more adjusted, less stressed, healthier and happier. So our core philosophy focuses on lots of exercise and playtime; and you get to choose the type of activity and the right amount that’s best for your pet…. from gentle stretch breaks and belly rubs to high level activity packages. It’s just not one-size-fits-all!

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6. Exceptional Facilities

Only a few blocks from major interstate highways, both Rover Oaks locations are situated on large campuses with lots of outside room for exercise and playtime. Indoors, your pet can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and pampering including plush bedding, private rooms, television, and soothing music.

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7. Convenient Locations

The Houston Location

Rover Oaks Pet Resort is a very special place for pets. Rover Oaks Houston, the original facility, is located on a beautiful lakeside campus only a few blocks from NRG Stadium. Rover Oaks was launched on October 15, 2001 after founder Steve Smith and his business partner spent nearly two years researching the pet care industry, surveying local pet owners’ needs, and planning the state-of-the-art resort. Their goal was to create a fun and safe environment where pets would love to come and play, and pet owners would feel 100% confident in the superior care that their dogs and cats were enjoying. Within a few months of opening, Rover Oaks Pet Resort became known as the premier destination in the entire Houston metropolitan area for lodging, doggie daycare, pet grooming & styling, and professional training. Since that time, Rover Oaks' reputation as one of the most trusted pet resorts in this area has continued to grow.

The Katy Location

Rover Oaks Pet Resort was serving over 4,000 area pet owners by April 2004, so the management team conducted a major customer survey to see how well the business was meeting the needs of its customers and their pets. Not only did the customers give Rover Oaks exceptionally high ratings for boarding, training, daycare, grooming, and customer service…. but a large number of clients encouraged the team to develop a second pet resort on the west side of town. Armed with this information, Steve partnered with pet lover/businesswoman Joy Lee to develop and launch a second Rover Oaks location. On September 11, 2006 Rover Oaks Katy opened for business.

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Offering dog boarding, cat boarding, dog daycare, dog training, and pet grooming.

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Our Commitment to You

Trust is something earned and we are committed to treating all of our guests as members of our own family.  Since Rover Oaks opened its doors in 2001, our commitment to you has remained the same: To be the most recommended pet resort in Houston and Katy by providing clients with the very best facilities, pet care, and customer service. Whether it is just for the day or for a vacation of their own, we provide the ideal home away from home!

Our Mission

Now, over fifteen years after the first pet entered the doors of Rover Oaks Pet Resort on West Bellfort, our mission and our commitment at both locations remain the same:

To be the most recommended pet resort in Houston and Katy by providing clients with the very best facilities, pet care, and customer service.

Facility Tours

Inspecting any pet care facility prior to using their services is a very important responsibility. If you have not experienced Rover Oaks Pet Resort, please drop by anytime during business hours for a visit. Our staff will be excited to show you around, and you will quickly see why Rover Oaks has gained such a stellar reputation in the industry and among pet owners in Houston and Katy.